Welcome adventurers!

This is the first post in my new illustration blog. I have a lot to say and this is the right place for sharing new illustrations or projects, sharing tips or tutorials, talking about art in general or about my favourite books. Sharing my adventures, my photos (for references also), my travel and my thoughts are also part of the plan for this blog.

Hope you will find that interesting!

For those who don’t know me I’m a fantasy illustrator from Italy. I love to paint dragons, knights, wanderers and all the fantasy characters and places I like. Living in a land full of forests, castles and folk legends is my immagination’s fuel. I place myself at the beginning of this career and I think sharing the progress I make day by day, talking about my favourite artists and the stuff I learn every day could help me getting better and better.

So, that’s all for now. In the next days I will share my newest illustration, based on Tolkien’s books, made for a private client. I’ll drop you a hint: “Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow, bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow”. This was a super funny illustration to do.

And what next? You could also tell me want you want to read. Do you want detailed tutorials? Wip images? Photoshop tips? Cooking recipes? Birds photos? Instructions for summoning a Balrog? Let me know!

I hope to see you soon on this brand new illustration blog and, if you need, email me for more informations!

Have a great adventure!

Nico Rigobello

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